Certificate of Marriage in Chandigarh

A marriage registration certificate is an document that states establishes your marital status.verifies that two individuals are married. All marriages in Chandigarh must be registered under the Hindu Marriage Registration Act, 1955, or the Special Marriage Registration Act, 1954. The registrar issues the marriage certificate upon registering a marriage. We go through the process for obtaining a Chandigarh wedding certificate in detail in this post.

Rules for Marriage Registration in Chandigarh

The Department of Registration and Notifications (DRN) has mandated that all marriages in Chandigarh must be recorded, according to the provisions of the Chandigarh Marriage Registration Act.There are several purposes for which marriage needs to be registered:

  •    To avoid the occurrence of child weddings.
  •    For allowing widows to inherit.
  •    To assist women in obtaining maintenance rights from their partners and children’s custody.
  •    In the case of a spouse’s death, you can claim bank deposits and life insurance benefits.

Act No. 56 of 1955, the Hindu Marriage Act

According to the Hindu Marriage Registration Act of 1955, certain criteria must be satisfied by the bride and groom for a Hindu marriage to be recognized as legitimate and legal.

  •    Hindu marital ceremonies
  •    Only if the bride and groom are Hindus can a marriage be considered lawful.
  •    Ideally, the groom should be at least 21 years old and the bride should be 18 years old when they marry.You can register your marriage at the Registrar Officer’s office, located in either the bridegroom or bride’s residence or where the solemnization will occur.

The Special Marriage Act of 1954

The Indian Special Marriage Act of 1954 allows Indians to marry one another regardless of their backgrounds or origins. This legislation may be used to register nri marriages.

If you want to register your marriage in Chandigarh, both you and your partner must meet these conditions:

  •    The minimum age requirement for the groom is 21 years old, and the bride must be at least 18 years old.
  •    Placing a Solemnization must be either Bride or Bridegroom of the local area where they wish to register their marriage.
  •    In the case of unique marriage registration, the bride and groom must provide a 30-day notice to the sub-registrar ahead of time.

The Advantages of having a Marriage Certificate

The reasons for obtaining a Chandigarh marriage certificate are:

  •    A marriage certificate attests to the fact that a woman is lawfully married to her partner.
  •    A marriage registration certificate bestows a married woman with social security and self-assurance.
  •    A marriage certificate is legally required to prove a spousal relationship when claiming bank deposits or insurance-related benefits.

Other considerations

To obtain a marriage certificate, the applicant must submit the following documents/records with their application form.

  •    To provide age proof, you will need the birth certificate of both the groom and bride, a pan card, an Aadhaar Card, and a medical certificate stating their date of birth.
  •    The following documents can be your address proof: ration card, passport, driving license, voter ID, electricity bill, property tax receipt and water bill.
  •    Photographs – Two passport photographs of the engaged couple (Joint Photo of bride and groom)
  •    For remarriage, there is a widows’ or widowers’ certificate in the case of a widow or widower.
  •    Wedding Card (Marriage invitation letter)
  •    Bride-Groom and Parents’ Statement
  •    Two-Witness Photographs
  •    If you’re getting a divorce, get an order or degree from a competent court.
  •    An extra copy of the marriage certificate may be requested.

Note: All the following documents/records need to be self-attested. However, for the application form, only photocopies of other documents are accepted.

The validity of the marriage certificate

The marriage certificate the government issues is valid for a lifetime, so there is no need to renew it.

Department and Authority Concerned

The parties can submit the application forms for a marriage certificate to the relevant Tehsildar-cum-Registrar of Marriages. The office may be located in the concerned Block or district or at the office of a district magistrate.

Procedure for Marriage Registration – Offline Method

The step-by-step procedure for applying for a Marriage Certificate in Chandigarh is as follows:

Contact the Tehsildar/Registrar’s office.

Step 1: The Applicant may go to the closest responsible block or sub-registrar’s office to complete the mutation registration process.

Get a form for your app.

There are two application forms for the Hindu Marriage Registration Act and the Special Marriage Registration Act.

Step 2: After you have gathered the required documents, approach the appropriate office and fill out their application form.

Fill out the application form.

Step 3: Complete the application form with the required information below.

  •    Wedding Date
  •    The place where you got married.
  •    The information for the bride and groom
  •    The Bride and Groom’s parents’ names, occupations, Place of birth
  •    This is only the home address.

Final Step: Submit an application form to the required operator, ensuring it is in the correct


Please provide the following documents:

Step 5: The Applicant must submit the requested documents and the application form after completing it.

Slip for Acknowledgement

Step 6: After registration, the user will be sent a transaction number to their registered mobile phone, guiding them through the marriage registration procedure. The transaction ID must be recorded by the applicant so that they may check the status of their application online.

Verification of the Registrar Officer

Step 7: The Registrar/Tehsildar officer will submit an application for a marriage certificate online to the relevant agency.


Step 8: There is no time limit for completing the marriage registration. When all of the procedures are completed, the registration will be finished right away.

The certificate will be issued.

After you submit your income certificate request, the Department will evaluate it and verify its authenticity. Once confirmed, they’ll provide the income certificate to an authorized Government Officer.

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