How to Do Court Marriage Without Informing Parents


If you live in a country where parental consent is not required for marriage, you may have heard of “court marriage.” Court marriage is when a couple gets married by the judge instead of getting married by a religious leader or priest.

In India, certain regulations and rules have been established to safeguard children from being taken advantage of. When you apply for a passport or any other document, you must include your parent’s name and address on the application form, as stipulated by law. Otherwise, in the future, you may confront difficulties.

There are numerous methods to keep your parents from finding out about your wedding in today’s society. However, before we get into those approaches, let us first understand what a court marriage is.

What Is a Court Marriage and Why Do They Exist?

A court marriage is a legal affair in which two individuals who are not yet married under the supervision of a judge marry each other. Civil weddings are another name for court marriages. During the ceremony, the pair must follow certain formalities. They must file a joint affidavit to prove their relationship. They must then appear before the judge with their witnesses and sign the paperwork. They subsequently get married.

How To Court Marriage Without Telling Your Parents

Court marriages can be performed without telling parents in a variety of ways. You have the option to use online services or go through a lawyer. Let’s explore both options further.

Various online services

Marriage Registration is one of the most popular websites for locating court marriage services. It’s as simple as filling out a form and paying for it. As soon as you finish the form, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Simply take notes on the papers and bring them to the courthouse.

Law Office

If you opt to visit a lawyer’s office, you must schedule an appointment. During the consultation, he will inquire about your relationship status and any pertinent related questions. Additionally, he can provide you with a copy of the report (if desired), as well as forms that require completion. He will assist in filling out the necessary paperwork before sending it back to his office–from there. He takes care of everything else.

Follow these steps:

  • If applicable, bring your partner before the registrar and have them swear an affidavit stating they have no issue with you marrying someone else. This statement should be signed before a court official and the registrar.
  • To get married, you first need to apply for a marriage license at your local registry office. To do so, fill out the application form completely and submit it to the registrar’s office – it shouldn’t take more than 3-4 weeks to hear back.
  • After you receive a response from the registry office, go to the corresponding court and apply for permission to have the ceremony. The fee is Rs.100/- per day.
  • After you receive court permission, take the application form and accompanying slip to the registry office.
  • After you submit your application form to the registry office, an officer will let you know when the next available hearing is.
  • >> On the hearing date, you and any required documents must appear in court. If there are no objections, the wedding will be held as soon as possible.
  • After your wedding ceremony, you must file a petition in the family court. You must document that you have lived together continuously for more than two years in the family court.
  • The judge will announce their verdict and supporting documentation after reviewing the evidence.
  • You must now obtain a copy of the judgment and keep it safe.
  • To settle the debt of Rs.500, you must pay the court.
  • After paying your fine, you must ensure that you do not break any laws again.

Is it possible to get married without the consent of one’s parents?

Yes, but only if the pair have reached the age of 18. They must have graduated from high school and passed 10+2 examinations. The district magistrate’s office must have received an application for a marriage certificate from the couple.

What if I’m already married?

You can only register for marriage once, but you can divorce as often as you want.

What if my parents are against my marriage?

If your parents object to your marriage, you may need legal action. You must prove that you were legally separated from your spouse to file for divorce. Additionally, you must prove that you have been apart for at least two years to maintain the divorce.

Is it true that getting married takes a long time?

Depending on the number of participants, it may take a while. The average process usually takes 4-6 weeks.

Is there a need for a special license to marry?

You don’t need a marriage license in California. However, there are some formalities to be completed.


Marriage is a crucial event in life. It’s important to pick someone you will get along with and who likes you back. So, speak with your parents first before taking this gigantic step. Make sure you are aware of all the benefits and disadvantages of marriage before making a decision. Take your time while making any decisions to make an informed decision. Consider your future carefully before jumping into anything.

If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to reach out. With a court marriage, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Marriage Registration team.

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