Maharashtra Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is an official document that proves a couple is married. The authority to issue marriage certificates in India rests with each state government. We go through the steps for obtaining a Maharashtra marriage certificate in depth in this post.

The Advantages of Getting Married Certificate

The following are some of the advantages of getting a marriage certificate from Maharashtra:

  • A marriage certificate is an official document that proves a couple is married.
  • The primary aim of this legislation is to prevent child marriages.
  • This document allows widows to claim their inheritances.
  • Proof can also be used to investigate possible bigamy or polygamy.
  • It is used as a deterrent to husbands leaving their spouses.
  • The Certificate for Legal Recognition of a Divorce (or similar name) allows women to exercise their basic rights of residency and custody of children after divorce.
  • Furthermore, you will still need to utilize it when applying for a passport or visa.

The following are the criteria for eligibility:

To acquire the marriage certificate in Maharashtra, both the bride and groom must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • In Maharashtra, to acquire a marriage certificate, the groom or bride must be a permanent resident of India.
  • The person getting married should have a living spouse at the wedding time.
  • According to law, the groom must be at least 21 years old, and the bride must be 18 or older.

Registering your marriage

To register a marriage, the party wanting to do so must file an application with the Inspector General of Registration’s office that has authority over where the ceremony took place or where the spouses have resided for at least six months before getting married. The following places come under Registering Officer jurisdictions:

  • The groom’s home is the residence where the wedding ceremony takes place.
  • The bride’s home was a beautiful site.
  • Wedding venue.

You can register your marriage in India via the Special Marriage Act or Hindu Marriage Act. Although both acts apply to all citizens of India regardless of religion, only Hindus are covered by the Hindu Marriage Act. This law enables the legal formalities of a marriage under the Special Marriage Act.

The Hindu Marriage Act, on the other hand, allows registering a marriage that has already been officiated by a Marriage Registrar.

The following documents are needed:

The following documents are required when applying for a marriage certificate in Maharashtra:

  • Application form
  • A legal document known as an “affidavit of the couple” is necessary in which the place of marriage, including the wedding date, marital status, and citizenship, must be recorded.
  • If you have it, please upload a passport-sized photo and an image of your marriage invitation card.
  • The applicant’s residency proof
  • Copy of the groom’s birth certificate (Age Proof)Birth certificate of the bride (Age Proof)
  • If the wedding takes place in a religious vocation, the priest’s pronouncement will suffice.
  • If you are a widow/widower who has also been divorced, please bring the divorce order and a verified copy of your late spouse’s death certificate.

How to Apply

The Maharashtra government has made it available to make the marriage registration procedure easier. To do this, follow the procedures below: n To complete your marriage registration, you must follow these steps:

1. Start by going to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation home page.

2. choose “Marriage Registration” from the “Online Service” drop-down menu.

3. The online application form is now displayed. Please fill out the form with your name, address, and wedding date in the appropriate boxes. If necessary, upload any required documents by selecting the “Upload” button.

4. After filling out the application, a properly completed Form D will be emailed to the applicant and may be downloaded in PDF format.

5. After completing the online registration, go to the nearest marriage registrar’s office and submit the required documents and your application.

The applicant may obtain a same-sex marriage license. – If a certificate verifying that the parties are married is not required, the authority will issue a marriage certificate to the applicant within one week of applying.


The issuing state government’s marriage certificate is valid for the lifetime of the couple.

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