Marriage Registration in West Bengal

The Indian government has determined that a marriage’s marital status must be established through the couple’s marriage registry. Two methods to register for a wedding in West Bengal exist under the Special Marriage Law (1954) and Hindu Marriage Act (1955). In 2006, the Supreme Court added that enforcing marriage registration protects women’s rights. You will learn how to get married in West Bengal after reading this article.

Advantages of Holding a Marriage Certificate

The Supreme Court has recognized the importance of successful marriage registration. This is the final word on your marital status, and it’s worth noting that this law is gender-neutral.

With marriage registration, you can experience an array of advantages:

  • The marriage is legally validated.
  • The family is accepted by society, and the marital bond remains solid.
  • The marriage certificate is required as one of the documents needed to apply for a new bank account or passport after the wedding is completed by that individual.
  • If a couple does not have a marriage certificate, they will not be able to get visas for both spouses.
  • A spouse visa will not be issued to married couples who argue based on traditional marriage rights–the marriage registration is necessary to hand over visas.
  • This document gives a partner the right to claim ownership of a bank balance or life insurance payment after the other spouse, i.e., depositor or insurer has died without naming a nominee.
  • If the marriage is secured by a certificate, the property succession procedures are also simplified.
  • Professionals who live and work outside of the United States can apply for a special visa to bring their spouses with them. A marriage certificate is necessary, as well as proof that they have been married in a valid ceremony. If they are accepted, a work permit visa will be granted.
  • A divorce cannot be finalized if the couple does not have a sound marriage registration certificate.

Documents Needed for Marriage Registration in West Bengal

You must bring the following papers to obtain a marriage certificate in West Bengal according to the registry marriage rules:

  • The pair’s current residential address is verified.
  • A document that proves both partners are of legal marriage age.
  • Photographs of the couple, their marriage invitation card, and an affidavit from the priest.
  • Passport-sized images of each person in the married couple

How to Register a Marriage in West Bengal

By following these steps, you may register for marriage online:

  1. The Legal Division Register General of Marriages is the official web page of the WB Government’s Registry General of Marriages.
  2. On the left-hand menu, click on “Marriage.” Click on “Register your marriage.” On the right side of the page, look for a button with the text “register your marriage,” and then follow the instructions.
  3. On the new tab, select – click here to submit an online application. Read the instructions thoroughly.
  4. Click the “Proceed” button at the bottom of the screen to fill out the application form.
  5. Choose the Marriage Registration Act you wish to use to formalize your connection.
  6. Enter the information requested, such as personal name, guardian’s name, religion, date of birth, nationality, and Aadhaar ID. Attach any relevant documents.
  7. The application’s second phase begins. Here, you must provide similar information regarding your spouse as you did for yourself.
  8. Picking a location, sending invitations, and setting a date for the wedding are essential steps in the process.
  9. After you’ve chosen either the bride’s address or the groom’s, go to the marriage registrar.
  10. From the drop-down lists, choose your district, marriage officer category, police station, block and work area.
  11. Finally, at the end of this procedure, you must supply your registration information and choose whether it will be completed at the marriage officer’s office or someplace else under her authority.
  12. Select a date and time for your meeting from the list of available office hours. You’ll receive an SMS code on your registered phone number, which you’ll use to enter.
  13. Before you submit your application, make sure to get a hard copy for future reference.

Method of Raising Objections

To report a violation, go to the West Bengal State government marriage website and look for the “Services” option on the homepage.

When you click the “objection” button, you will be asked to complete an application form with the following information:

  • name
  • Application number
  • Relation concerning the groom/bride
  • Postal address
  • Contact details
  • Objection reason
  • Official signature
  • Captcha pattern

After giving the needed information in each section, you can send your complaint by selecting the right option.

How to Request a New Marriage Officer

To access the request form, visit the official West Bengal marriage website and click on the “Services” button. Once you are there, look for the “transfer” option and select it.

On a new tab, please open the application form. In the designated field, enter your correct application number and age proof for both spouses. Provide reasoning for requesting a change of marriage officer in another section. The last task is to fill out the captcha field with the corresponding characters.

Complete the application form and send it in.

How long is a marriage registration in West Bengal valid?

Newlywed couples’ marriage certificates are valid permanently. However, you should note that if a couple does not have a legally binding marriage meditated by an attorney within 60 days of receiving their notification certificate, such marriages are not approved. To make the marital bond official, they must reapply to the concerned Marriage Registrar.


If you’re looking to register your marriage in West Bengal, don’t worry – the process has become much simpler over the years. Keep a few key principles in mind before entering this new chapter of your life with your partner. For more information on registering marriages, check out Marriage Registration related articles.

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