Rajasthan Marriage Registration

You can now register your marriage online in Rajasthan, but traditionally this was done through the Marriage Registrar’s Office. All marriages accomplished in Rajasthan must be solemnized under either the Special Marriage law (1954) or the Hindu Marriage law (1955).

The Registrar awards a married couple a marriage certificate once they approve their marital status. In this article, we will analyze the various stages of marriage registration in procuring a Rajasthan Marriage Certificate.

Registration Under Special Marriage Law

If you live in Rajasthan and wish to marry under the Special Marriage Act (1954), you and your spouse must fulfill the following conditions:

  • The groom must be at least 21 years old on the wedding day, and if the bride is younger than 18, the marriage will not be approved.
  • The Registrar Officer consents to the wedding taking place in either of the bride’s or groom’s residences. The couple may, if they wish, select a neutral solemnization location.
  • If no party objects to the marriage within one month of the initial notice, then the court will approve the marriage.

Hindu Marriage Law: Registration

The following statements can be drawn from the codes of conduct in the Hindu Marriage Law:

  • Hindu customs should be followed when conducting a marriage.
  • For both the groom and bride to be married, they must come from Hindu families.
  • If the registrar discovers that the groom is under 21 years old on the date of marriage or that the bride is under 18, the marriage will not be registered.
  • Both the bride and groom’s homes, as well as the anticipated wedding hosting site, must be within Rajasthan’s jurisdiction. In other words, all of these sites must be within Rajasthan’s territorial boundaries.

The Benefits of Registering Your Marriage

There are many benefits to having a Rajasthan marriage certificate. Some of the most notable advantages are listed below:

  • The marriage certificate empowers a woman by acknowledging that she is married to a male whose personal details have been disclosed at the time of marriage. Acquiring a marriage certificate is highly recommended to protect women’s rights in India.
  • The issuing of a marriage certificate boosts the self-confidence, morale, and social security of a wife, as we previously mentioned.
  • To change your surname in your passport after marriage, you must produce your marriage certificate. This is also a mandatory document for you and your spouse if you wish to avail of a Tatkal passport.
  • The marriage certificate aids you in asserting proper rights over banking deposits and insurance benefits after your spouse’s death. Even if the deceased individual had no nomination, the partner is chosen as the ultimate beneficiary automatically.

Documents Required

The Rajasthan State Government has made the full list of required documents that must be submitted for a marriage registration available. On their official website, locate the instructions for submitting the following papers, which have now been introduced by the state government.

  • The husband’s and wife’s age certificates
  • Address verification documents of both parties, which includes an Aadhar card, passport, voter card, driver’s license or ration card.
  • PAN Card
  • Application forms that are original copies
  • Affidavit 
  • A photo of the newlywed couple together

Marriage Registration through e-Mitra Centre

Follow these steps to register your marriage and get a marriage certificate from Mitra Centre.

Fill out an application form and submit the joint photo of the couple. Then write an affidavit to surrender certain information. To deliver the application form, affidavit, and other papers, you must personally visit a service dispensing office at a Mitra center. The personnel working at these centers assist you in each phase of the process.

Once you have submitted the marriage application form, be sure to grab the receipt from the Marriage Registrar. In Rajasthan, certificates are given when no objection has been raised against the couple within one month of their original application date.

Online marriage registration

To begin, go to the official page of Rajasthan Civil Registration. After you’ve arrived on the homepage, choose the option to fill an application request – Amenjan fills the application request. A new tab will appear; click on it to open the next window on your screen. Select a new application, input the visible code, and press Go.

In the next step, please enter specific information such as wedding location and date. Please also enter the name, contact information, and birth date of you and your would-be spouse.

The next portion of the application asks you for your witnesses’ contact information (you will need to add two witnesses for both partners). Please fill out this field carefully.

After entering the Bamashah and base numbers recorded in the records, upload the joint photograph.

To finish the application process, add the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number. For future reference, download the Acknowledgement Slip in PDF format.

Type in the OTP sent to your registered mobile number to finish the application process. Download and save the PDF format of the acknowledgment slip for later use.

Download Rajasthan Marriage Certificate

To download your marriage certificate after the Registrar issues it, visit the Rajasthan Civil Registration Authority’s homepage and click on the download button. This will open another web page where you must insert your phone number and registration ID followed by a captcha code to begin downloading your digital Marriage Registration Certificate. Once everything is filled out, press the appropriate button to finalize the process.


The Rajasthan Government has placed a great deal of emphasis on making marriage registration laws uniform throughout the state. You’ve seen in this post how having a marriage certificate can provide many advantages. Additionally, we went through the application processes in detail to answer people’s questions about the frequency of raised concerns.

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