Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration

The Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration Rules 2017 make the compulsory registration of all marriages in the state mandatory. Under regulations, any Hindu marriage solemnized in Uttar Pradesh can be registered. After successful registration, officials will issue a marriage certificate – an important document that acts as legal proof of marriage between two individuals. If you wish to obtain a UP marriage certificate, read on to find out more about the process and what you’ll need.

The Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration Rules of 2017

The Central Government’s rule on marriage registration has been mandatory in the state of UP since August 2017. Per this rule, any marriages that take place must be registered with the state, regardless of religion. The following are reasons why registering your marriage is important:

  • To stop child marriages
  • For allowing widows to inherit
  • To assist women in asserting their maintenance rights from their husbands and children,
  • Check for bigamy or polygamy in your state.
  • To act as a deterrent to husbands deserting their spouses.

Rules for Hindu Weddings in Uttar Pradesh, 1973

The following conditions must be met by the bride and groom, as stated in UP Hindu Marriage Registration Rules, 1973.

  • According to Hindu customs, marriages should be performed in specific ways.
  • The bride and groom should both be of the Hindu faith.
  • The groom must be at least 21 years old, and the bride should be 18 or older.
  • Any of the below-mentioned locations should be within the Registering Officer’s jurisdiction in Uttar Pradesh:
  1. The bridegroom’s home is there.
  2. The bride’s home
  3. A place for the ceremony

Certificate of Marriage Benefits

The following are the reasons for obtaining an Uttar Pradesh marriage certificate:

  • A marriage certificate is an official document stating that a woman is married to someone. (More information can be found on the certificate itself.)
  • A marriage registration certificate gives a married woman social security and self-assurance.
  • To receive a bank deposit or insurance-related benefit to a spouse, a marriage certificate is required.
  • For a passport, a marriage certificate is required if you are married.

Required Documents

You must submit the following documents to register a marriage in Uttar Pradesh:

  • Forms for getting married are available.
  • Please fill out the form and submit it to the court.
  • The Groom and Bride’s proof of birth – a birth certificate or Mark Sheet
  • Passport, Driver’s license, Ration card, Voter ID
  • Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, and Voter ID are proof of identity.
  • Pictures of couples (Wedding Photography)
  • Wedding Card (Marriage invitation letter)
  • Two people gave photographic evidence.

Is the marriage certificate still valid?

UP Vivah Panjikaran is an eternal solution.

Fee amount payable

The fee for registering marriage in Uttar Pradesh:

A fee will be applied if you do not register on time.

The Government of Pakistan has increased the fines for delayed marriage registration from £200 to £300.

How to Register for Marriage

The Government of India’s marriage registration through the internet is based on Aadhaar. To register for their wedding online, the bride and groom must have a valid Aadhaar card. Uttar Pradesh has the following requirements for registering a marriage:

 Go to the Integrated Grievance Redressal System’s homepage (GROUP).

After you click the ” Marriage registration” option, the page will automatically redirect you to the next section.

Enter the groom’s Aadhaar number on this page. An OTP will be delivered to the groom’s registered mobile phone after submitting it.

After you enter the OTP and all of the Groom’s details have been successfully sourced from the Aadhaar database (UID), including his photo, you will be able to proceed.

On the next screen, enter the bride’s mobile number to generate an OTP. After entering the OTP, further details about the bride will be retrieved from the UID database.

 On the next page, the applicant must complete all of the other personal information for the Groom as indicated in the PDF.

After you’ve uploaded all the photographs and documents of the groom listed above, hit save.

 The applicant must now complete the bride profile and provide documents of the bride. Click Save to save your work.

 After entering all the required information for both bride and groom, fill out additional fields regarding the marriage, such as date and location. Be sure to click “save” afterward.

Finally, details of the witness testimonies and photographs must be entered.

The applicant can view the information already supplied by clicking the “Preview” button.

 Read the message and then click Send if all of the information is correct.

The application number and password will display, which you should keep for future use.

The applicant must pay the marriage registration fee (as previously stated).

The final step is for the relevant government body to issue the Marriage Certificate after evaluating your application.

Verify Your Marriage Registration

If you’d like to use the IRS immigration status verification program, go to https://igrsup.gov/ and select the marriage verification option from the home page. The new page will be displayed, along with your application number and wedding date.

To validate the marriage verification, click on the ‘see button.’

Get your Certificate

The marriage certificate can be downloaded by logging in to the portal with the application number and password. Enter the captcha image as shown, then click sign in. The marriage certificate will now be available for download.

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