What is the difference between a love marriage and arranged marriage?

The Pros and Cons of Love Marriage vs. Arrange Marriage:

Some people want a love marriage, while others choose arranged marriage. Whether love marriages should be permitted vs. arranged marriages is an evergreen topic for debate and discussion.

The Advantages of Love Marriage

  • It’s a lifetime commitment, so the option to select a partner should be made by you alone.
  • Any marriage is built on love– this is not a question. No questions will arise in a marriage of love. as to whether or not love exists.
  • In a love marriage, the pair have known each other for a long time and most likely already completely understand. As a result, there will be a few issues.
  • For those who want to get married in a love relationship, there are more options than for people who choose an arranged marriage since most arranged marriages happen between individuals of the same caste/class/religion.
  • Happiness in a household comes from planned love.
  • Most times, love marriages are free of prejudice.

The following are the disadvantages of love marriages:

  • Most couples who choose to marry for love are self-reliant. They don’t pay much attention to their families’ ideas if they want to get out of the relationship.
  • Although love marriages are now more socially acceptable in India, they are still unacceptable in some parts of the country. This is the reason behind honor killings. So, it was risky for some people to go for love marriage.
  • Attraction and love may be confused by youngsters.
  • We require a lot more in life than love. One must also examine the facts, such as their family history, financial situations, and the environment in which they were raised.

The advantages of arranged marriage:

  • During arranged marriages, parents ask one another about their families and circles. As a result, there’s a good chance that you’ll join up with a family with whom you share many characteristics. This avoids trusting individuals carelessly, an issue in some love matches.
  • Parents are eager to give their kids the best they can. This includes thinking about their future economic success.
  • Any couple who wishes to last will learn how to adjust, especially when hardships like big moves come into play. A strong relationship can weather any storm when both parties are willing to bend a little.
  • Dr. Robert Epstein’s research shows that love in marriages of choice usually fades, while love grows in arranged marriages.

The disadvantages of arranged marriages are:-

  • Like a lottery, arranged marriage comes with the potential for both success and failure. Couples may not find love, and some will face compatibility issues regardless.
  • A couple that doesn’t spend enough time together before marriage won’t know each other well, and if they have a lot of differences, they probably shouldn’t get married because it will end in divorce.
  • Submissiveness to elders might keep a couple from divorcing, even if they no longer love one another.
  • Although the divorce rate is lower in arranged marriages than in love marriages, it cannot be said that they are happily married. In general, some individuals who are living in unhappy marriages but are unable to have Children are one of the primary reasons that couples decide to divorce. Societal pressure chooses suicide.
  • Couples who go for arranged marriages may not be entirely comfortable discussing delicate topics before tying the knot, which could lead to difficulties.
  • In many parts of India, arranged marriages are still practiced despite recent efforts to combat them. Forced marriages are also widespread in these regions.

In conclusion,

The success of any marriage, love or arranged, relies on both partners being dedicated and truthful to one another. A life partner should be chosen based on free will and not under duress. Nowadays, folks are taking the time to get to know each other before tying the knot, even in arranged marriages. This is a sign of civilization moving forward.

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