Why Indian Parents Are Against Love Marriage

Indian parents are hesitant to accept love marriages, even though the rest of the world has progressed. There are traditional and religious beliefs still prevalent in India play a part in this resistance. Indian parents are very superstitious and fear what society will think if they go against tradition. The caste and religion system is still strong in India, so most parents want their children to marry within those confines.

Before going ahead with marriages, many Indian Hindu parents compare the birth chart of a boy and a girl to ensure they are compatible. They’ll only go through with this relationship if the matches are free of any dosha in the future. This is an Indian family’s faith that astrology can cure all their problems, which is also true. The Vedic science of astrology has been accurate and helpful for millennia. By checking the birth chart, a love astrologer can determine whether two people are compatible. For arranged marriages in India, parents often consult a Kundli match to ensure that their child’s future will be happy and without problems.

Why do Indian parents oppose love marriages?

  • Many parents wonder if they should allow their children to do love marriage. If they do, they might have to face religious and cultural issues. It can be difficult for someone if they marry someone who doesn’t share the same religion or caste.
  • They fear relatives and individuals in the community who might talk about their child. Marrying someone from different religion can be difficult. It’s tough to live in a society where no one else wants to work together.
  • Indian parents would rather their children die than marry someone from a different religion or caste. They think this could potentially tarnish the family’s reputation.
  • Indian parents see themselves as having limited options for selecting a suitable partner for their children. It’s tough to persuade them to accept commitment in a love marriage.
  • If their children try to elope without permission, parents in rural areas will administer strong punishment.

Here are some pointers for couples. They may utilize these strategies to persuade their parents.

Let your lover meet your parents.

Astrologers say that convincing Indian parent is not easy. You may start by following actions: let your lover meet your parents and talk with them openly. Try to mingle with family and consider them as your parents. There are love astrologers in India who can help you convince your parents.

With the help of community leaders, you can convince your parents.

You can ask for help from esteemed community members to convince parents. They could easily sway opinion by speaking highly of love marriages. You could also partner with a good love astrologer and have him talk to your lover’s parents about how the couple’s birth charts match up favorably.

Both families should get together.

Marriages are more than the meeting of two hearts. In India, both families have to meet and get comfortable. If your parents approve of him, this can help make your marriage easier. The best astrologers who specialize in love marriages can help convince both families. He can easily persuade them to make this happen.


Marriages are best when parents give their blessings, as a strong family support network is crucial for leading a happy life. If you don’t have a birth chart yet, consult an astrologer to make one – in many cultures, it’s considered bad luck to carry out marriage without matching kundlis properly. There are plenty of love prediction calculators by date of birth available online. By cross-referencing your horoscopes, an astrologer can help you determine if you and your partner are compatible for marriage. If they find any red flags, they may also offer remedies. So don’t wait—find a reputable astrologer to check the Kundli match of you and your partner today.

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